Friday, April 22, 2016

Please Don't Do That DIY If You Want To Sell Your House

DIY - Dooming It Yourself
These parental friends and their six children are stuck at grandma's house, climbing the walls because they made this classic mistake.  Some prior owners did this DIY project: build a garage/barn/man cave.  Oops, they didn't have the barn built to code, because it was DIY and they did not know!  So now the housing renovations are on hold.  The walls at Grandma's are going to need a renovation afterwards.  DIY turned into DIAY - Do It ALL Yourself.  The Dad of 6 small ones spends nights these days after work making drawings by hand of the barn he did not build in order to prove to the proper officals: the thing is standing, now let me build a livable ark for my tribe.  That's a true story - Housing Market 2016.

Listen to Grandma, not your Grandma, someone else's Grandma: 4 Simple Words of Advice Before You Buy a Home. 

If you are watching better homes and garden for noise and reading Real Simple in the grocery line and Pinteresting in your bed on your board: NEW HOME IDEAS - Pinterest has real estate resources, for sure! - you might think you CAN in fact work on your own house, save money, earn more money, have fun, uh no.  Not for most.  Murphy's Law!  Anything that can go wrong will. 

It can seem like free labor (your labor after hours) will be a profitable situation.  In economics there is no such thing as a free lunch and let me tell you, there is no such thing as a free DIY.  Have you ever spent $20 at Michael's just to hand make Christmas Cards.  It was $6.99 for that box of 10 cards, which seemed over priced.  Now you have $20/200 cards, but you only needed to send 20.  In a market economy it's best to have specialization - DWYDB - Do What You Do Best. 

DIY people are special ducks.  They are almost hoarders of the Work-Cost-Transfer Law, which became a thing just now, right here, as a sub-set under Murphy's Law.  What you save here, will pop up as cost later on.  It's that American version of Karma; what comes around goes around.  If you are that odd duck, at least get the home inspected to save yourself that feather rustling down the line. 

Money is time, time is Money.  Math is right, and art is left over.  Your home needs to sell, probably you'd prefer for as much as it can as soon as it can.  Let's DIY on something you can enjoy, once you are in your new home, shall we? 

Stop wasting your time and Sell That House!

Click here for some DIT - Doing It Together. You are on a device...stalling....already, why not?

While we are at it, can you think of 6 home selling mistakes other people make?  Here's a list...

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