Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Secrets to a Successful 2015 Tax Return: No Rush!

I know I probably got many readers doing a double-take with that headline, as the beginning of the new year always harks to the rush-rush race of getting your taxes in immediately so that refund shows up right away. It's all about the clock. On your mark, get set.... go! And it makes sense given we have this spectacular service of a 2-hour tax return to make the entire process that much easier.

It's true, though. Go ahead and do your double-take and say "Whaaaaat?" because you heard me; I said it. You don't rush into the whole tax time thing. Here's the reason why.

Tax Returns Do Operate Under a "Window of Opportunity," so Take Advantage of It

Yes, there's a "deadline," per se, but know this: the IRS sets the starting date, in particular for the year of 2014 being January 21st, but by no means do you have to rush to run out of the starting line. Why?

Because laws do change here and there. Most recently, deadlines shifted from the 21st to as late as the 30th of January, so make sure to check up on the starting date and don't freak out. You'll be fine.

After all, what if you have a most recent pay stub arriving in the middle of January that the IRS would otherwise not get their hands on because you "jumped the gun," and that stub will have even more information about your total income from the past year? Makes it a bit easier on you. Less headaches. More possibilities for success and a speedy refund coming your way.

Tax Return Extensions Are Common

However, be aware of this new year as the possibility that delays from our lawmakers in passing those provisions might cause the tax filing date to get pushed back even farther. Be prepared. You don't get penalized for preparing your documents ahead of time, for sure -- but you might be leaving information out for the IRS that could otherwise prove useful, especially when you don't have to rush.

Please don't worry. Your taxes will be filed quickly thanks to all these secrets you'll learn. And you'll get that refund. I promise.

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